I only use frames that really work to enhance or complement, protect and ensure longevity for my artwork.

Natasha has been using RG framing business for her framing requirements for the last 15 years. RG are particularly known for their museum quality, hand -finished, natural wood frames.

Natasha works directly with the workshop team to develop her own bespoke finishes and to find the best framing solution for each new artwork or collection.

Certain woods allow for subtle layers of staining, waxing and polishing, others are better suited to stronger finishes. Natasha is familiar with all these variations and practised in advising on appropriate wood grains and moulding sizes, to achieve the right framing.

Natasha’s preference is for slightly rolled edges, a time consuming bespoke detail that is barely noticeable but is a reflection of the overall quality.

I am proud that my prints are handmade, using traditional processes that take a long time. I won’t compromise on this or the quality of materials. My artworks are made to last. The framers I use, provide the quality of frame and attention to detail that marries the quality of my artworks.

There is nothing wrong with standard picture glass, it works, but Natasha uses and recommends non-reflective glass for artworks which also has 70% UV protection, perfect for internal lighting.  Where necessary (eg if direct sunlight falls on the artwork) this should be upgraded to museum glass (99% UV protection)

Natasha’s frames all have the string- hang option but also have sub frames, to give more support, and allow for split baton hanging.

Very few collectors look at the back of a frame – they should, it is so important!


Some of Natasha’s artworks are already framed but framing is always bespoke, tailored to specific requirements, so the artwork complements and enhances the interior.

If you do want try pieces in situ, framed or unframed, a selection of framing samples can be bought with the artwork which makes it easier to visualise the overall effect in your space.

Viewing of unframed works can also be arranged in RG in Marylebone making it even easier to tailor the framing to suit your space with a full range of samples to choose from.

Framing usually requires 3 weeks to hand finish, but in an emergency the workshop can sometimes work miracles…

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