Natasha is a trained printmaker, the works are the original intention. Her prints are not reproductions, they are the originals.

Natasha also paints (oil on board) and these works are similarly original.

Natasha Kumar has created limited edition original prints for over twenty-nine years.
Etchings – She draws directly by hand onto metal plates, which are then either etched or processed so that only specific parts and lines on the plate will retain ink and make an image. Once a plate is ‘inked up’, damp paper is laid on top and the plate and paper ‘sandwich’ is rolled through a print press. Each time a new print is created the plate is inked again, by Natasha. The number of times the same image is printed is an edition; the same is true of screenprints, woodcuts and lithography which involve different materials and techniques. This is a two minute video showing the etching printing process    At the final stage of inking the plate Natasha will often manipulate the ink adding additional layers, like a painting to create a unique, unrepeatable colour-way.
Natasha often combines multiple layers of etching and screen print. To create the screen print she similarly draws each layer of colour in black on an acetate. Each acetate is exposed onto a mesh or fine net screen. Each colour requires one screen.  It is the black / drawn area that allows the ink onto the paper beneath. The image is built up by pulling one colour a day through each screen onto the same piece of paper.

GiclĂ©e prints, are not original prints, Giclee’s are usually digital reproductions of an original artwork printed by a computer printer. Natasha does not create works printed by a computer or other digital method.

The value of a print is determined by the size of the edition, as well as by the artist’s name and quality of the work. Natasha does not usually produce editions over 25, although in printmaking an edition of 100 is common.   Scarcity makes pieces more desirable. Prints of an edition of 20 are generally considered more valuable than an edition of 100. To allow for accidents in the hand processes of screen print particularly she has to create more than the intended edition.

The edition number is usually at the bottom  of an artwork and written in pencil as
the number of the print / the total number of prints printed e.g 1/3.

Editions may not be numbered in the order that they are printed. Practicalities mean that the signing and number is often random. And sometimes there will be no number visible, although a certificate will confirm it is part of an edition.

For this reason, the number of a print—whether that be 1/20 or 20/20—will typically have no effect on its resale value. Each work in the edition is essentially identical – differences due to inherent quirks of the process.

Because all these artworks are created by hand (not computer generated or printed ) there are tiny idiosyncrasies that appear.

In particular, Natasha always lays the gold leaf herself using unique brushstrokes, like a painting to create deliberate variations to the texture and finish of the gold.

This is what makes each piece unique and is what her collectors value.

We do our best to share photography that provides an honest reflection of every artwork. If you have any concerns please do get in touch.

Limited edition prints usually retain their value, and may increase in value, depending on the individual artist.

Galleries, and artists like Natasha Kumar, will gradually increase the price of a print in an edition as it progressively sells out, and prints become scarcer.

Collectors are registered with her, informed in time to take advantage of new editions at the earliest, and lowest price.


Natasha uses many different processes requiring different equipment and consequently works out of a number of different studios up and down the country. The artwork framed, unframed and in progress is stored in multiple locations and often smaller collections are with galleries.

If  you’re hoping to view particular artwork(s) on the website we recommend a quick call or email to arrange a viewing at home, at work or in a gallery. Natasha always makes herself  available to help. Contact info@natashakumar.co.uk

Our website is non-transactional, artworks and collections have enquiry forms. Please make sure you include your contact details, your country and area address for potential shipping costs, and any important questions or timescales. Alternatively, you can contact Natasha directly info@natashakumar.co.uk

You will then be contacted to organise payment and any shipping requirements.

YES – where possible.

If  you’re hoping to view particular artwork(s) on the website we recommend a quick call or email to arrange a viewing at home, at work or in a gallery. Natasha always makes herself  available and will bring frame samples to ensure it is just right, and can otherwise provide virtual mock ups.

Contact info@natashakumar.co.uk

We can store your purchase in our London storage.


Please send an enquiry directly from the website or email directly to reserve an item. The reservation period is usually 24-48hrs but may not be available during busy art fairs or gallery exhibitions.

If payment is not received within the agreed time period the artwork will be made available to other clients and may be sold. An invoice must be created  to guarantee your purchase.

If an artwork is reserved it does not guarantee it is sold. Please message info@natashakumar.co.uk to be next in line if the sale doesn’t go ahead!


Natasha has been using the same framing business for her framing requirements for the last 15 years. They are particularly known for their museum quality, hand -finished, natural wood frames.

Natasha works directly with the workshop team to develop her own bespoke finishes and to find the best framing solution for each new artwork or collection.

Certain woods allow for subtle layers of staining, waxing and polishing, others are better suited to stronger finishes. Natasha is familiar with all these variations and practised in advising on appropriate wood grains and moulding sizes, to achieve the right framing.

Natasha’s preference is for slightly rolled edges, a time consuming bespoke detail that is barely noticeable but is a reflection of the overall quality.

I am proud that my prints are handmade, using traditional processes that take a long time. I won’t compromise on this or the quality of materials. My artworks are made to last. The framers I use, provide the quality of frame and attention to detail that marries the quality of my artworks.

There is nothing wrong with standard picture glass, it works, but Natasha uses and recommends non-reflective glass for artworks which also has 70% UV protection, perfect for internal lighting.  Where necessary (eg if direct sunlight falls on the artwork) this should be upgraded to museum glass (99% UV protection)

Natasha’s frames all have the string- hang option but also have sub frames, to give more support, and allow for split baton hanging.

Very few collectors look at the back of a frame – they should, it is so important!


Some of Natasha’s artworks are already framed but framing is always bespoke, tailored to specific requirements, so the artwork complements and enhances the interior.

If you do want try pieces in situ, framed or unframed, a selection of framing samples can be bought with the artwork which makes it easier to visualise the overall effect in your space.

Viewing of unframed works can also be arranged  in Marylebone making it even easier to tailor the framing to suit your space with a full range of samples to choose from.

Framing usually requires 3 weeks to hand finish, but in an emergency the workshop can sometimes work miracles

If the artwork is by Natasha Kumar she will do her best to help to resolve any issue or discuss reframing.

This is not a service she can offer for other artists works but will happily pass on the contact details for any potentially relevant framing and conservation teams she thinks might be of  use. There are many online resources and forums for finding help. A quick Google can be very helpful for finding someone in your area.


UK delivery (and insurance for the artwork in transit) is almost always included in the artwork price.

International delivery is not included. But discounted shipping quotes are usually offered…

All framed glazed works are crated in bespoke foam lined, plywood cases for international delivery or wrapped securely for UK delivery.

All artwork is fully insured by Natasha Kumar until it reaches the collector, UK and worldwide. This usually included in any quoted shipping price.

UK delivery is almost always included in the artwork price. Hanging | Installation  is an additional bookable service and cost.

We have an address book of trusted fine art couriers and installers, both local and worldwide, and we can discuss the most suitable option and timeframe with you.

If installation is required we will have the artwork delivered and will then pass on the details of the installation team to be booked in and paid for separately at your convenience.

Yes! Natasha has been shipping worldwide for 25 years. With reliable and trusted shippers worldwide we have arranged deliveries and installations to wildly inaccessible locations and have done our best not to miss a significant deadline.

Usually all glazed works are crated if they are delivered beyond the M25

It can be, but we have been successfully shipping artwork worldwide for over 25 years.

Natasha is familiar with process and ever changing international customs requirements and can offer a range of prices from simple London delivery to white glove installations in remote international island locations.


Artwork viewed in person is sold as seen. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase Natasha will exchange this for an alternative artwork or credit note.

If a purchase is made online or over the phone all standard statutory rights apply.

If an artwork has suffered damage in transit, however minor, please contact us immediately to resolve.

Contact info@natashakumar.co.uk or call the number given


Credit notes are valid for 18 months from the date of purchase and must be redeemed in their entirety within this period.