Its about learning, trying and moving forward. 

Different processes and techniques require specific spaces,  machinery and technicians. I work out of  studios in and out of London. I can book into the screen studios if I have a project, others, like the etching studios  are like old friends – I can nip in and out 24 hrs a day. It can be lonely being an artist so I especially love being part of a busy studio, where one idea flows into another very quickly.

Juggling studios is key to my unique style. It gives me thinking time away from the work and if I get stuck I don’t have the pressure of finishing a singular piece before I can move on. I also think it is important to make time to step back and to just really look and question what you are doing.

I always have multiple works on the go in a variety of techniques, oil on board paintings and works on paper –  sometimes pieces are not touched for months or years but I often look and think about them. I often get asked how long a piece has taken and I can be 15 years or more!